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    Rules and Guidelines for Game Masters


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    Rules and Guidelines for Game Masters

    Post by Theseus12 on Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:24 pm

    1) Game Master accounts are not permitted to have characters. That's just for fairness purposes, as the characters would have unnatural amounts of knowledge about the games if they were played by GMs.
    2) In event of a player having a character that has a player account and a character that has a GM account, they MUST keep the player character (no pun intended) clueless about what the GM has in mind. Violaters will suffer the deletion of their GameMaster account.
    3) Allow me to explain something about GameMasters, and what they and roadies have in common. They do their job, but they stay in the shadows, not taking any glory for themselves. They are to be heard OF, and occasionally, they will step in to set something right.
    4) Examples of stepping in. GMs are permiited to use their own discretion on stepping in to keep it level between players of similar levels. if a level 32 is beating up a level 4, though, that's just IC bullying. If a level 4 is beating up a level 32 for whatever reason, though, something is not right. If someone is powerplaying another character, GMs are permitted to have the powrplayed character be TEMPORARILY OPed to fight back.
    5) You must be Active or else the new system i am activating will boot you after not being active for more than 15 days unless you let one of the admins know.

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