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    General Rules of SAORPG


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    General Rules of SAORPG

    Post by KiritoSAO on Fri Aug 23, 2013 10:51 am

    1) Be respectful of Staff & Beta Testers
    2) Be courteous to others members
    3) NO TROLLS!!!!!!!!!!!
    4) Repeat offenders of any rules will be banned at admins & mods discretion
    5) This is a Single Charrie Per User Site. Please be mindful of that. In addition, you cannot make a second charrie/account without at least 5 months of active roleplaying.
    6) All character stats will be rolled up by an Admin or a Moderator.
    7) Due to our affiliation with SAO Wikia, we need to keep things civil. That means everything can only be up to PG-13. Mild swearing, and characters kissing, are permitted. Anything worse is a no-no. Violators will be punished severely, as viloation of this rule could have severe repercussions on SAO Wikia. We're just trying to help our affiliates. don't hate.
    Cool You must be Active or the new system i am adding will boot you after 15 days of inactivity unless you tell one of the admins or mods.

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